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AnonFox.com lets you surf the web with privacy and anonymity. Anonymous Web Surfing prevents data spies from unauthorized tracking of your Internet activity. In a common environment, people can retrieve detailed information about your activities on the web and even get personal data you never want anyone to know about.

With AnonFox.com's Anonymous Web Surfing Service, while browsing the web or downloading files, data will be transferred through our server instead of calling it directly from the target system. This prevents unauthorized people and organizations from gathering your personal information. Instead, they only see the IP address of our server which doesn't says a thing about you.

Using 256-bit SSL 256-bit SSL Secure Technology for
Secure & Encrypted Surfing Sessions

AnonFox.com's Anonymous Web Surfing Service supports access to sites both http and https (non-SSL and SSL web pages) as well as ftp (uploading and downloading of files). In other words, besides browsing secure and unsecure sites anonymously, you may also upload or download files anonymously.

AnonFox.com's Anonymous Web Surfing also enables you to: remove banner ads from the most common ad servers in our database, disable scripts and block cookies.

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